Monday, June 29, 2009

On being drunk

I'm drunk. That means that I' Kanty rely yak ell. so I dot soon. ok? yes, Steph is awesome, sbu it's time for be d fow, so now it tbhe time, si kant elhy type well so much so this post is not so sgood. yes... hmm...... f=drinking is fun buy leaves my hard to advice electroni devices fo how \tpo operativ to convey my thoigbhts. an I think that's interesting as how I tyhink is fun to think about becouse it's very not drunk unless I'm drinking, in which c ase I'm drunk and ca'n't ty[e verhy wellm, so now i sjoould prob ly do bed as in bed gtheye is nothing to type on!


  1. I think you win the best drunk post ever. I've poured water on my computer while drunk, but...I don't think I've ever typed so incoherently.

  2. hmm... yes... I'm not really sure what I was trying to say.. oh well.

  3. I like that the clearest part is about me!